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A Future Is Certain

A Future Is Certain

There’s layers to my inner circle. Certain people know more than other people, because, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The mind is always moving, man…

MGM United is not a spur of the moment thing. This has always been the plan and certain people knew that long before others. You have to be careful about your big plans because some people will tear it down at the beginning and kill that initial, necessary buzz you have about it. Especially when they’re crazy ideas. Real crazy.

You ever been to Montgomery?

For those who don’t know, there’s this invisible cloud of hate and negativity hanging over the whole city, cursing us until the end of time. And the ONLY way to succeed in life …is to escape the confines of this hell and all your dreams have a 300% shot at coming true! Being in these city limits automatically puts a hold on your goals and aims merely by existing. You have been warned!

Now, wipe the sarcasm off your screen.

A healthy music scene has different musical genres/sub-genres thriving with fans able to dip in and out as their moods and tastes desire.

Montgomery is a growing city, in its beginning stages of what it will mature into. The population of Montgomery is 200,000 people but just like the Atlanta/Atlanta Metro area, we have to take into account the Tri-County areas as well. So while smaller, it’s similar with enough people to do what we need to. It’s also 57% black in terms of racial makeup, compared to Atlanta’s 54%.

We have a music industry here but it feel exclusive to most. There is an audience that isn’t being spoken to and artists that feel ignored because they don’t fit the one sound that the city is accustomed to. The thing is, don’t blame the people who have the attention nor the people who give them the attention. No…we salute you. Keep it up. But learn from them and build up your own base. Everybody isn’t accounted for yet.

A healthy music scene has different musical genres/sub-genres thriving with fans able to dip in and out as their moods and tastes desire. All the reaction has to stop and the action has to begin. So as an artist, it was time for me to step back and figure out how to exist. I’m of the thought that you need to make it at home, somehow. Going off to get hot…nah…that’s not for me. Maybe for somebody else but not me.

There’s too much potential here. In terms of the people, the area, the business – everything. We have the ability and the opportunity to help shape the future of the capitol city of the state. I know how I want to see it. Consistency, focus, sacrifice and belief is all we need.

Everywhere was nowhere until it became somewhere. Trust, a future is certain here.

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