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The Devolution Has Been Televised

The Devolution Has Been Televised

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That being said, most of this should be agreed upon by most of the American population, if not the world. We are witnessing a devolution of the American democracy as it was described to us.

The US Presidential election of 2016 was practically guaranteed to cause lasting effects on the nation whether the winner was either Donald J. Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton. The New York hotel mogul turned television personality or the embattled, divisive former First Lady and wife to embattled and divisive former President Bill Clinton – what a matchup! This was preceded by the hilarious Republican campaign and debates for party representative choice that was must see TV for the wrong reasons.

The Democratic process was exciting and depressing for other reasons. Hillary Clinton was the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) pick for candidate despite the grassroots power that Independent Democratic-Socialist progressive Bernie Sanders unleashed. The DNC got what they wanted – not Bernie/the person they wanted for the first time in two consecutive elections. This isn’t the article of the DNC versus Bernie Sanders, not this one. The debates were fiery and touchy but respectful when all the smoke cleared.

Donald John Trump and respect are as connected as the Dallas Cowboys and realistic expectations


Donald John Trump and respect are as connected as the Dallas Cowboys and realistic expectations* – as in, you really have to love these MFs to believe that. Trump’s public career got off to a bang in 1979 as he maneuvered his way into renovating the Commodore Hotel in New York into the Grand Hyatt and he never looked back. Instead, he looked forward passed the laundry list of failed Trump ventures, the Atlantic City casino failure, posing as his own publicist in an all-time pathetic move, high profile martial infidelities and mid 90’s bankruptcy that kept him relatively quiet for a while. What was he looking at?

Not sure it was The Apprentice for NBC but that stint as host starting in 2004 lasted for fourteen seasons and led to not only his renewed relevance but also the “You’re Fired” catchphrase. Oh yeah, and becoming the leading voice on US President Barack Obama’s fake birth certificate allegations. SOMEHOW, this all led to flirtations with Presidency attempts that actually happened for the 2016 election.

It was funny. I can’t lie – I took it all as a big joke. It had to be an ego stroke, right? No way that America elects DONALD TRUMP to be President!


It was funny. I can’t lie – I took it all as a big joke. It had to be an ego stroke, right? No way that America elects DONALD TRUMP to be President! For all of the flaws we have, we’re not that crazy. He ran as a Republican… because of money. The Republicans/Grand Ole Party (GOP) favor less business regulation and still believe in the trickle down economic policy when they talk in public so it made sense. What DID NOT make sense was evangelical, politically aware, family oriented, socially moral Republicans embracing him as if he embodied any of the same values. Donald Trump couldn’t give a shit about anything except himself and money.

They didn’t care, they never looked back. Instead, they looked forward passed (deep breath): The grab-her-by-the-pussy comment, mocking a disabled man, “There’s good people on both sides” in regards to racists versus non-racists, calling black people “The blacks”, the shithole country comments, pushing another leader in an international visit, making excuses and taking up for Vladimir Putin (of all people), vilifying the American media (that keeps him propped up), refusing aid to Puerto Rico, imposing a travel ban on Muslim countries, the racist border wall, the super-aggressive immigration policy that stripped families apart…and well, let’s just stop there.

That’s enough for now.

What were they looking at? Tax breaks? Couldn’t have been political policy unless that policy was rolling back Obama administration policies. That’s not Trump’s strong suit anyway, not losing is. That’s even if nobody wins, he just doesn’t want to lose. The unrest during the unforgettable 2020 police brutality marches and riots showed how bullheaded he is and unequipped to be President he is. Still, the supporters stood by his man.

So, it’s really not ALL his fault. Trump didn’t elect himself, nor did he make US Senators, representatives, mayors, governors, lawyers, doctors and whoever else fall for his bag of tricks. They did because he’s a mirror of the real America. He’s saying the shit they think and that’s why it’s cosigned and his rallies are attended …and the fact that he got votes! We’re at the point where’s he’s questioning the validity of the US election in a year where more votes were casted…and where more people aren’t working because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of accepting that the country is moving on from a political newcomer, the fight continues as our democratic process is questioned and challenged by the very people whom benefited from it to get in office.

As we begin 2021, we’re faced with GOP senators set to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s already thoroughly (with no success) challenged popular vote AND electoral victory on January 6th. It’s enough to have to suffer through this sumbitch for 4 years after he won…now, he can’t lose?

What is this…Russia??

* Love to the Cowboys fanbase.** I know that analogy looked bad but you know…you know? Yeah you know. No offense but I meant that.

** Love is a strong word. #Broncos

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