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The Now Moments

The Now Moments

A couple of weeks ago, I thought about “All Gold Everything” and wanted to hear it again. I went to YouTube, found the video and started watching and listening. The song was cool but there was something else about it that I wanted to get from that experience.

Trinidad Jame$ was never going to stick around for too long and this isn’t the article to explain why but let’s just stay with that premise. What was undeniable was that his 15 minutes was another on the pile of countless boiling hot surges of energy from artists who we would love and forget in the same amount of time. Did you know he’s still releasing new music? …Probably not. Unless it’s “pop a molly, I’m sweatin’ – WHOO!”, you probably couldn’t care less and that’s fair.

It’s not the fans job to keep caring about an artist who wore out his welcome, but rather the job of the artist and the artist’s team to make sure that their value is more than just a song or an angle. Songs get old and angles get played out. Trinidad had a VERY unique look, presented an authentic personality in interviews and had a catchy song to boot but AFTER THAT, the moment that he gained from the music video was over and so was he…

This isn’t about Trinidad Jame$ now. This is about artists, in general. A lot of what we do is about taking advantage of attention and excitement. We’ve all had a song or a video or something of that nature that catches fire and we get happy and then…nothing. That can’t happen.

Our careers are just a collection of moments. The job is to take advantage of all of the opportunities and maximize the moments while thinking forward to the next ones. There are no off-days and not much days of comfort which should be fine because as creators, when are we ever comfortable?

Momma always told me, boy count your blessings (Count ’em all)

Trinidad Jame$, “All Gold Everything”

Accept the challenge and do your job because your job is your dream. Capture the moments better.

PS: We want more moments for Trinidad Jame$.

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